How it Works: Overview for Providers listings will increase your visibility, profitability, and efficiency.

We fill your appointment slots with new clients at a nominal cost.

Customize your listings by type and cost, and for discount offerings.

Clients are automatically routed to your availability and service per their need.

Enables clients to set their appointments any time,
even after hours and weekends.

We increase your value by connecting you to a growing field of new clients,
filling empty appointments, and streamlining the scheduling process.

Book it and Save!

Its FREE to list with Providers pay a nominal fee, charged only when a client selects the MAKE APPOINTMENT option. As they do, the provider automatically receives the Client Request for Appointment (PRA). THE PROVIDER/PRACTICE IS CHARGED $14.99 ONLY WHEN OPTING TO ACCEPT THE CLIENT'S INFORMATION. If the practice declines to accept the client information, no charge is made and the client is directly notified that the appointment is unavailable. The client can opt to be put on a waiting list, or for notification of next availability. There are no other costs for use of this site. is not responsible for:
1) A provider's inability to meet the clients needs for appointment.
2) And, No-shows by client for the appointment. (See Terms of Agreement).

How to Get Started

Its simple... Just fill out the registration page, and create your Provider Log-In.

To manage your online information... log in, click on the Account Overview to see your current discounts, add discounts, edit provider information, hours of operation or services offered.

To view pending appointments, or previously requested appointments, and your responses go to the Provider Dashboard. Here you will see and respond to current pending Client Requests for Appointment (PRA).

Our research shows that clients want to hear a response to their Client Request for Appointment (PRA) by the end of the day... so please pay attention to this page.

If you have questions email us at