How it Works: Overview for Toothfairies

The world-changing difference of

  • Click on the Toothfairy to link with our registration page for Toothfairies.
  • Register to obtain your personal Toothfairy I.D.
  • Spend a little time at "Toothfairy University"
  • Download and print materials & handouts for marketing, selling and educating.
  • Get as many of your friends and the dentists in your area to register at our website.
  • Make sure they reference your personal Toothfairy I.D.
  • Automatically earn money as often as your registrants make a connection.
  • Compete to win the Big Prize Money.

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Book it and Save!

Select your provider and click MAKE APPOINTMENT. Your information sends automatically to the provider, who will contact you to make an appointment. If no appointment is available, you will be notified as soon as there is an opening.

To review all your appointments, click on MY ACCOUNT
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